1. Amaura, the new fossil Pokemon !

    I just couldn’t resist drawing him in a cute vector style ! …

    (if someone knows how I can avoid weird white borders in transparent GIF compression, tell me ! …)

  2. I tried to make something cute of Quilladin- Haribogu (jp), Chespin’s evolution !



  3. EXCLUSIVE : MegaPikachu revealed !

    Pew pew pew pew ! …


  4. FEZ - GOMEZ Gender swaping

    Here is my submission for Initial Video Games’ Gender Bustin’collab.

    Well, it looked better on my sketchbook… But I was so late, and I’m just back from my holidays, so I tried to colour it as fast as possible.

    I’m so sorry Gomez !

  5. justinchan:

    WHOA! GUYS! the Kanto PokeCollab was featured on Kotaku!!

    The short article here:



  6. A wild Horsea appears !

    Here is my submission for Justinchan awesome Twitter Pokemon Collab !

    Couldn’t resist to draw him a sad cute little face… Haha.

    Anyway, the collab is now complete ! Check this awesome Pokedex on Justin’s blog.

    Thanks again to Justin for this awesome idea.